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Hand in Hand : a fun and engaging course book for primary pupils

Hand in Hand is a comprehensive seven-level course book designed to transform learners into confident English speakers and capable global citizens. The first book in the series, Hand in Hand Starter, is intended for students at the very beginning of their English learning journey. The remaining six books progress consistently so that students are able to  master communicative interactions and self-expression in various context. At the heart of the series is the recognition that global awareness, learning through content areas, and 21st century skills are necessary to succeed in today’s world. The series combines steady vocabulary and grammar progression with the functional objectives of the Common European Framework (CEFR) and Young Learners English (YLE) tests.

Students will be fully prepared to take the official YLE Starters Test after completing Hand in Hand 2; YLE Movers Tests after completing Hand in Hand 4; YLE Flyers Test after completing Hand In Hand 6. These YLE Prep Tests provide students with the opportunity to practice standardized test-taking in the style of YLE with the added benefit of reviewing selected Hand in Hand lesson material.

Student Book

  • 12 units with 3 lessons per unit
  • 6 incorporated CLIL lessons
  • colorful illustrations and photos
  • catchy songs and chants
  • entertaining comics and games
  • cumulative reviews
  • hybrid CD : audio tracks and animated content (conversations, songs, chants, stories and word games)


  • reading and writing reinforcement activities
  • designed to be used in class or as homework
  • page numbers aligned with Student Book page numbers
  • colorful illustrations and photos

Teacher's Manual

  • annotated lesson plans
  • detailed descriptions of assorted games and activities
  • photocopiable worksheets for every lesson (21st Century skills, Words and Sentences, English sounds and CLIL activity)
  • photocopiable unit tests, midterm tests and final test
  • teacher resource CD containing printable YLE Prep Tests, classroom flashcards, worksheets, rubrics and interative ebook

Online Resources

  • Hand in Hand application available on iOS and Android
  • Hand in Hand Online available on, provides a wide range of tools and resources for students and teachers.
  • Downloadable resources :

Course Outline

Regular Unit

  • Conversation : Each regular unit begins with an engaging conversation. The character’s dialog has been modeled after natural language, containing common vocabulary and useful expressions for everyday English.
  • Words and Sentences : This section presents the words and sentence structures central to to the target language. Learner-centered activities are provided to encourage student participation and active learning.
  • The world around us : This section promotes global awareness by spotlighting a different country, custom or culture for students to learn about. The subject matter is correlated with the main theme of the unit and offers students an opportunity to see the target language structures in use.
  • Unit Link : Unit Link functions as a collective and regular review. The review is cumulative so that students are able to link current language targets with materials they have learned in previous lessons.
  • English Sounds : English Sounds helps students strengthen their foundational phonics skills. Students study the relationship between letters and sounds so that they can become independent readers.

School link Unit (CLIL)

School Link skillfully integrates global curriculum and language education into the same fulfilling learning experience. Students explore interesting topics shaped by different school subjects such as art, math, social studies and science. While students are immersed in a topic, they are concurrently practicing and acquiring the target language.

Sample Unit + Scope & Sequence


Student Book
9791156808169 Hand in Hand Starter SB
9791156808176 Hand in Hand 1 SB
9791156808183 Hand in Hand 2 SB
9791156808190 Hand in Hand 3 SB
9791156808206 Hand in Hand 4 SB
9791156808213 Hand in Hand 5 SB
9791156808220 Hand in Hand 6 SB
9791156808237 Hand in Hand Starter WB
9791156808244 Hand in Hand 1 WB
9791156808251 Hand in Hand 2 WB
9791156808268 Hand in Hand 3 WB
9791156808275 Hand in Hand 4 WB
9791156808282 Hand in Hand 5 WB
9791156808299 Hand in Hand 6 WB
Teacher’s Manual
9791156808305 Hand in Hand Starter TM
9791156808312 Hand in Hand 1 TM
9791156808329 Hand in Hand 2 TM
9791156808336 Hand in Hand 3 TM
9791156808343 Hand in Hand 4 TM
9791156808350 Hand in Hand 5 TM
9791156808367 Hand in Hand 6 TM