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My First and My Next Grammar

Master grammar with My First and My Next Grammar for young learners.

My First and My Next Grammar present the essential grammar of English for young learners. This 6-level series is developed with a firm belief that grammar books do not have to be boring or difficult. The series’ main goal is to make grammar fun and easy while nurturing a feeling of success and interest throughout the learning process. The program aims to focus on grammar rules that are practical for young learners in the EFL environment. Furthermore, care has been taken to provide fun and engaging activities for all students to become active learners in the classroom.

Student Book

  • easy-to-follow lessons
  • concise grammar targets
  • spiral syllabus
  • fun learner-centered activities
  • colorful illustrations and real photos
  • big picture grams for review
  • cumulative reviews
  • progress tests


  • additional grammar explanations to clarify the grammar concepts
  • various exercises to help consolidate the grammar targets presented in class
  • designed to be used in class or as homework

Teacher's Manual

  • complete lesson plans
  • description of various games and activities
  • activity sheets for every lessons
  • workbook answer key
  • photocopiable lesson tests, midterm test and final test
  • teacher resource CD containing activity sheets, tests, and test answer keys

Online Resources

My First and My Next Grammar Online available onĀ, provides a wide range of tools and resources for students and teachers.


ISBN Title
9788956359786 My First Grammar 1 SB
9788956359793 My First Grammar 2 SB
9788956359809 My First Grammar 3 SB
9788956359878 My First Grammar 1 WB
9788956359885 My First Grammar 2 WB
9788956359892 My First Grammar 3 WB
ISBN Title
9791156809395 My Next Grammar 1 SB
9791156809401 My Next Grammar 2 SB
9791156809418 My Next Grammar 3 SB
9791156809425 My Next Grammar 1 WB
9791156809432 My Next Grammar 2 WB
9791156809449 My Next Grammar 3 WB

Sample Unit + Scope & Sequence

Grammar Chart