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Get to know Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand : a 7-level English course for EFL learners at primary school level

Hand in Hand is a comprehensive seven-level course designed to transform students into confident English speakers and capable global citizens. At the heart of Hand in Hand is the recognition that global awareness, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), and 21st century skills are necessary components for students to succeed in today’s world. The series combines steady vocabulary and grammar progression with the functional objectives of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Young Learners English (YLE) Tests.

Sample review are available for schools and teachers. Please feel free to contact us to have closer look at Hand in Hand.


Children and teachers will love Hand in Hand with nice features
  • Controlled input helps students build language confidence
  • Complete package equips teachers with options for creating different lessons
  • Recycling and linking language provide students with more opportunities for practice
  • Communicative approach gives students opportunities to use language in meaningful ways
  • Colorful design creates fun and stress-free learning
  • Additional teaching resources like activity sheets for every lesson, tests, flashcard,..
  • Six lesson-related CLIL units allow students to practice language in new context
  • Entertaining comics and games
  • Catchy chants and songs
  • Consistent content linking and cumulative reviews
  • Hybrid CD with animated content and word games
  • Free mobile app on both iOS and Android (on the appstore, search for “Hand in Hand”)
  • Interactive ebook is a powerful presentation tool for your class
Content Specifications

Each book includes 12 regular units with 3 lessons per unit + 6 School Link (CLIL) lessons.

  • Book Starter  equivalent to YLE Starters, Pre-A1
  • Book 1 equivalent to YLE Starters, Pre-A1
  • Book 2 equivalent to YLE Starters, Pre-A1
  • Book 3 equivalent to YLE Movers, A1
  • Book 4 equivalent to YLE Movers, A1
  • Book 5 equivalent to YLE Flyers, A2
  • Book 6 equivalent to YLE Flyers, A2
Hand in Hand - content

Let's take a look at Hand in Hand app on mobile device

ISBN List for your order

9791156808169 Hand in Hand Starter – Student Book

9791156808237 Hand in Hand Starter – Workbook

9791189906719 Hand in Hand Starter – Teacher Book

9791156808176 Hand in Hand 1 – Student Book

9791156808244 Hand in Hand 1 – Workbook

9791156808312 Hand in Hand 1 – Teacher Book

9791156808183 Hand in Hand 2 – Student Book

9791156808251 Hand in Hand 2 – Workbook

9791156808329 Hand in Hand 2 – Teacher Book

9791156808190 Hand in Hand 3 – Student Book

9791156808268 Hand in Hand 3 – Workbook

9791156808336 Hand in Hand 3 – Teacher Book

9791156808206 Hand in Hand 4 – Student Book

9791156808275 Hand in Hand 4 – Workbook

9791156808343 Hand in Hand 4 – Teacher Book

9791156808213 Hand in Hand 5 – Student Book

9791156808282 Hand in Hand 5 – Workbook

9791156808350 Hand in Hand 5 – Teacher Book

9791156808220 Hand in Hand 6 – Student Book

9791156808299 Hand in Hand 6 – Workbook

9791156808367 Hand in Hand 6 – Teacher Book

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