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Get to know Let's Smile

Let's Smile : Learning English and Smiling together

Let’s Smile is a seven-level primary English course for young EFL students. The course has lots of creative and enjoyable features like stories, songs, and games to support and motivate students. Language targets are constantly linked and recycled to boost students’ confidence. With Let’s Smile, young students are inspired to smile and succeed together in today’s world.

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Learning English is an adventure with this 7-level series. Come learn and smile with us !
  • Fun animated stories featuring friendly characters
  • Lively songs and chants
  • Fun and communicative games
  • Twelve easy CLIL lessons
  • Six World Link lessons linked to unit topics
  • Practical English for everyday student life
  • Content to motivate students at all levels
  • Systematic recycling of language targets
  • New YLE test prep package
  • Extensive resources for teachers
Content Specifications
Let's Smile

Each book includes 12 regular units with 3 lessons per unit + 6 World Link (CLIL) lessons.

  • Book Starter  equivalent to YLE Starters, Pre-A1
  • Book 1 equivalent to YLE Starters, Pre-A1
  • Book 2 equivalent to YLE Starters, Pre-A1
  • Book 3 equivalent to YLE Movers, A1
  • Book 4 equivalent to YLE Movers, A1
  • Book 5 equivalent to YLE Flyers, A2
  • Book 6 equivalent to YLE Flyers, A2

Let's Smile in details with Alana

ISBN List for your order

9791189906993 Let’s Smile Starter Student Book

9791191150063 Let’s Smile Starter Workbook

9791191150131 Let’s Smile Starter Teacher’s Manual

9791191150452 Let’s Smile Starter Flashcards

9791191150001 Let’s Smile 1 Student Book

9791191150070 Let’s Smile 1 Workbook

9791191150148 Let’s Smile 1 Teacher’s Manual

9791191150469 Let’s Smile 1 Flashcards

9791191150018 Let’s Smile 2 Student Book

9791191150087 Let’s Smile 2 Workbook

9791191150155 Let’s Smile 2 Teacher’s Manual

9791191150476 Let’s Smile 2 Flashcards

9791191150025 Let’s Smile 3 Student Book

9791191150094 Let’s Smile 3 Workbook

9791191150162 Let’s Smile 3 Teacher’s Manual

9791191150483 Let’s Smile 3 Flashcards

9791191150032 Let’s Smile 4 Student Book

9791191150100 Let’s Smile 4 Workbook

9791191150179 Let’s Smile 4 Teacher’s Manual

9791191150490 Let’s Smile 4 Flashcards

9791191150049 Let’s Smile 5 Student Book

9791191150117 Let’s Smile 5 Workbook

9791191150186 Let’s Smile 5 Teacher’s Manual

9791191150506 Let’s Smile 5 Flashcards

9791191150056 Let’s Smile 6 Student Book

9791191150124 Let’s Smile 6 Workbook

9791191150193 Let’s Smile 6 Teacher’s Manual

9791191150513 Let’s Smile 6 Flashcards

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Let's Smile