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Get to know Little Hands

Little Hands : a 4-level coursebook series for kindergarten

Little Hands is a fun and easy four-level course for very young EFL learners entering the English classroom for the first time. The easy-to-use series nurtures creativity through art, music, and play while promoting communication and motor skills. The series also features an alphabet book and phonics books to build a foundation for early literacy. With Little Hands, children will enjoy learning English and become confident learners in the 21st century.

Besides, Little Hands is a flexible course designed to meet the needs of individual teachers and school schedules. Each level is intended to be taught over the course of one school year. Children study one unit per month, and each lesson is designed to take 20-30 minutes. There are extra activities and a wealth of resources provided in the Teacher’s Manual and Teacher’s E-Kit, so teachers can easily expand their lessons if needed. Little Hands has teachers covered!

Sample review are available for schools and teachers. Please feel free to contact us to have closer look at Little Hands.


Children and teachers will love Little Hands with nice features
  • Simple vocabulary and useful expressions
  • Lovable characters and engaging stories
  • Catchy songs and chants
  • Vibrant illustrations and art projects
  • Age-appropriate CLIL content
  • Alphabet and phonics support
  • Fun and easy introduction to basic English
  • Language recycling and linking
  • Social and emotional skills development
  • Teachers’ e-kit (itool) is available online and offline
  • Plenty of supporting materials and activities
  • Free mobile app on both iOS and Android (on the appstore, search for “Little Hands”)
Content Specifications
  • Nursery Book : 8 regular units
  • Book 1 : 8 regular units + 2 review units
  • Book 2 : 8 regular units + 2 review units
  • Book 3 : 8 regular units + 2 review units
Little Hands - Unit Content

What is Little Hands teacher's e-kit ?

ISBN List for your order


9791189906191 Little Hands Nursery Student Book

9791189906238 Little Hands ABC Book

9791189906719 Little Hands Nursery Teahers Resource Pack

9791189906092 Little Hands 1 Student Book

9791189906207 Little Hands 1 Activity Book

9791189906726  Little Hands 1 Teachers Resource Pack


9791189906108 Little Hands 2 Student Book

9791189906214 Little Hands 2 Activity Book

9791189906733  Little Hands 2 Teachers Resource pack

9791189906115 Little Hands 3 Student Book

9791189906221 Little Hands 3 Activity Book

9791189906740  Little Hands 3 Teachers Resource pack

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Little Hands - Bookcovers
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