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Get to know School Phonics

School Phonics : a fascinating 4-level phonics series for EFL young learners

School Phonics is a four-level phonics series designed to make phonics both easy for teachers to teach and enjoyable for EFL students to learn. The systematic curriculum works to establish a solid foundation of phonics skills for students, providing them effective tools for basic reading and writing. School Phonics also takes students on a spectacular journey through a series of stories graded specifically for their level, helping them to further develop their knowledge of phonics and become independent readers in the process.

Sample review are available for schools and teachers. Please feel free to contact us to have closer look at School Phonics.

School Phonics is designed for EFL young learners with easy-to-follow lessons
  • Carefully designed syllabus
  • Easy-to-follow lesson plans
  • Vibrant illustrations and photos
  • Phonics story for each unit
  • Detachable student flashcards
  • Sticker for tactile learning
  • Curriculum-correlated readers with lively and descriptive illustrations
  • Fun and imaginative stories with target sounds and check-up activities for phonics and comprehension
  • Workbook with exercises to strengthen learned phonics skills
  • Hybrid CD with animated content and enjoyable games
  • Plenty of supporting materials and activities
  • Entertaining games for review
  • Catchy phonics chant
  • Final tests to check student’s progress
  • Free mobile app on both iOS and Android (on the appstore, search for “School Phonics”)
  • Interactive ebook is a powerful presentation tool for your class
Content Specifications
School Phonics - Covers
  • Book 1 : Single Letter Sounds (a, b, c … x ,y ,z)
  • Book 2 : Short Vowels (e, u, o, a, i)
  • Book 3 : 
    • Long Vowels (a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e)
    • Double Letter Consonants
      • Consonant blends : bl, cl, gl, dr, fr, pr, tr, sm, sn, st, sw, nk
      • Consonant digraphs : ng, ch, sh, th, ph, wh
  • Book 4 : Double Letter Vowels
    • Vowel digraphs : ee, ea, ai ay, oa, ow (bowl), oo (book), oo (goose), ie (chief)
    • Vowel diphthongs : oi, oy, ou, ow (cow), ie (pie)
    • R-controlled vowels : ar, er, ir, or, ur
School Phonics - Content
ISBN List for your order

9791156809517 School Phonics 1 – Student Book

9791156809555 School Phonics 1 – Workbook

9791156809593 School Phonics 1 – Teacher Book

9791156809524 School Phonics 2 – Student Book

9791156809562 School Phonics 2 – Workbook

9791156809609 School Phonics 2 – Teacher Book

9791156809531 School Phonics 3 – Student Book

9791156809579 School Phonics 3 – Workbook

9791156809616 School Phonics 3 – Teacher Book

9791156809548 School Phonics 4 – Student Book

9791156809586 School Phonics 4 – Workbook

9791156809623 School Phonics 4 – Teacher Book

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School Phonics
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